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Invincible The Animated Series: Key Issues To Get Now!

Invincible The Animated Series Has Been Green Lit, Here Are The Key Issues To Get Now!

It’s true, for a while we were saddened by the news that Mark Grayson (better known as Invincible) would no longer be coming to the shelves of our local comic book shop with the cancellation of the series. But fear not Invincible fans because it has just been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter that Invincible has been green lit for 8 hour long animated episodes. Simon Racioppa known for his work on Teen Titans will be the show runner and Kirkman, Winder, Albert and Racioppa will act as executive producers. Sorry what was that? You want even more exciting news?? Well it was also confirmed that Invincible will also be adapted into a feature film, meaning this animated series could be set to lay the groundwork of the world Kirkman created!

Now to the good stuff. From what we saw with Kirkman’s other hit series, The Walking Dead, prices may be set to soar. Currently Invincible #1 sells for $400 in NM condition, which is roughly the price The Walking Dead #1 was selling for before the TV show was announced. Of course once the TV show aired and became a cult hit, the price for The Walking Dead #1 soared to over $1200, and we ask ourselves “Could this happen again?”. One of the big reasons of The Walking Dead #1’s value is the low print run, which is 7,266 according to Comichron. Well Invincible #1 has a print run of 10, 751 according to Comichron, which is another minuscule print run. If Invincible The Animated Series is well loved and the movie becomes a hit and has sequels, well the sky is the limit! That is why we have put together this list of key issues you should get now before they soar to unreachable prices.


tech jacket 1 from toynigma.com

1.Tech Jacket #1 – Released November 2002 – Features the 1st preview of Invincible

noble causes at toynima.com 

2. Noble Causes Family Secrets #3 Variant – Released November 2002 – First Cameo Appearance of Invincible

invincible the animated series

3. Invincible #1 – Released January 2003 – First Full Appearance of Invincible

First Appearance: Deborah Grayson, Omni-Man, William, Art, Mister Hiles, A Dragon, Titan, Gridlock, Science Dog, Derek Sanders and Principal Winslow. 


invincible the animated series

4. Invincible #2 – Released February 2003 – First Appearance: Teen Team, Robot, Atom Eve, Rex Splode, Dupli-Kate, Sea Monster, Alien Invader, The Mauler Twins and The Vultrimites. 

Well that is it for now, but check back soon for Part 2!



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