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James Wan To Direct Swamp Thing TV Show Pilot

James Wan To Direct Swamp Thing TV Show Pilot

swamp thing tv showSwamp Thing TV Show Pilot: While the DC Universe has yet to find its groove on the big screen it is no secret they are kings of the TV world. That is why it was no surprise for us to learn a while back that DC was setting up their own streaming service similar to Hulu and Netflix. We also learned that they would be creating new shows such as a live action Teen Titans series for the service. It is now being reported by ThatHashTagShow that James Wan and Deran Sarafian are going to team up and co-direct the Swamp Thing TV Show pilot episode for the streaming service, with IMDB listing the same as well.

James Wan is the low budget big box office king, making such hits as Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring with very little to work with. He is a proven variable in the industry and many are predicting his Aquaman movie to put the DC Cinematic Universe back on the right track. Sarafian is also no stranger to success having helmed such hit TV shows as Fringe and Buffy The Vampire Slayer alongside Joss Whedon.

Swamp thing was created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson and first appeared in the comic book House of Secrets #92 released in 1971. The character however was revamped into the Swamp Thing we know today in Swamp Thing #1 Vol. 1. The character is found within DC’s supernatural world, protecting earth from mystical, environmental or terroristic threats.

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