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Kelsey Grammer Sought For Lead In Doom Patrol Series

Kelsey Grammer Sought For Lead In Doom Patrol TV Show

Doom Patrol TV Show: It was announced earlier that DC would be launching its own streaming service and that a Teen Titans live action series would be the first project the studio would develop. Well it is now being reported that DCE is looking to develop a spinoff show from the Titans series and are seeking out a lead actor to fill the role of Dr. Niles Caulder or better known as The Chief! Rumours currently are that Kelsey Grammer is currently at the top of DC’s list of hopefuls to play Caulder. Even more exciting is the fact Geoff Johns is reported to already be working on the Titans tie in episodes that will bring the Chief and Doom Patrol into the DC Entertainment Universe.

Who Are The Doom Patrol?

The Team had their first appearance in the comic book My Greatest Adventure #80 which was released all the way back in 1963. The Doom Patrol were created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani when they were tasked with the duty of creating a rag tag group of super powered freaks.

doom patrol tv showThe Doom Patrol team consists of Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl, Mento, Negative Man, Robotman and of course their leader and the man that may possibly be responsible for these characters having their powers in the first place, The Chief, Dr. Niles Caulder. Members of the Doom Patrol were created to be a team with many personal problems and afflictions, fighting with each other much of the time, but eventually helping each other to work past these issues. In order to match the weird characters found on the Doom Patrol team, an equally weird rogues gallery was created for our heroes. Villains such as Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and the Brain (Just an actual brain that is being kept alive by advanced tech). Oh and let’s also not forget Monsieur Mallah the suave, intelligent gorilla!

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